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suvarotti | manneeral | goat spleen

suvarotti / manneeral / goat spleen fry is tantamount to iron supplement. Highly rich in Iron, it drastically increases haemoglobin levels in blood and kicks out anemia. Goat spleen has both iron and vitamin C and so the iron in it is easily absorbed by the body. 

Mutton Liver gravy


Protein and fat

Liver is an excellent source of protein.Of calf liver contains 6.2 g of protein. This represents about 12 percent of the daily value. Protein is an important macronutrient for the maintenance and building of body tissues including muscle, hair and nails. Protein is also an important component of enzymes and hormones. While many think that liver has excessively high fat and calories, this is not so. In fact, 1 oz. Of calf liver contains just 2.4 g of fat, or 3 percent of the daily value, and 49 calories. Chicken liver contains fewer calories and fat than beef and calf liver; however, it also has less protein.


Liver is a very concentrated source of vitamins. “mccance and widdowson’s the composition of foods” states that 1 oz. Of calf liver delivers over 100 percent of the daily value of vitamin b-12 and vitamin a. It is also a good source of folate and riboflavin. Vitamin b-12 is important for red blood cell production and nervous system function. Vitamin a plays a key role in eye, hair and skin health. Folate is important in digestion and red blood cell health, and the body uses riboflavin to produce energy from foods.

Goat kidney


An absolutely colossal amount of your RDA (recommended daily amount) for Vitamin B12 340%, for healthy duplication of your DNA, decreases the risk of birth defects and protects against heart disease and cancer

183% of your RDA for selenium which regenerates the activity of vitamins C and E, contributes to your antioxidant activity and enhances your immune system

65% of your RDA for riboflavin for your blood cleansing and works with other vitamins to protect you from chronic disease

74% of your RDA for biotin (B7) for the health your cells and DNA, regulates inflammation and protects the development of babies

74% of your RDA for choline For your muscle control, sleep & memory and can prevent liver damage