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Amsavalli Bhavan

" Amsavalli Biriyani, Madurai "

Amsavalli Bhavan

" Amsavalli Biriyani, Madurai "

Traditional Non Vegetarian Restaurant since 1952. serves delicious mutton and chicken biriyani at Madurai


Traditional Non Vegetarian Restaurant since 1952. serves delicious mutton and chicken biriyani at Madurai

About Us - "Amsavalli Bhavan"


Why Choose Us?

We emphasized on taste, quality and ensured that the Biriyani made at this hotel is deliciously unique. Best quality ingredients are used to prepare "the Amsavalli Biriyani". Biriyani is prepared with superior quality "Seeraga samba" rice and meats, the freshest fare, from the market. We are always sold out at the end of the day !!!

One of the few restaurants which provide non vegetarian breakfast. We do provide Mouth watering, Mutton and Chicken dishes.

பாரம்பரியத்தை சொல்லிடும் சுவைமிகு அசைவ உணவிற்கு  என்றும் அம்சவல்லி பவன் !


Founder & Key Personalities

Way back in 1952, our founder Mrs. Amsavalli (Amsavalli Ammal, as she is lovingly called) believed that few things bring about a smile of satisfaction like good food, especially Biriyani.

From then on, there has been no looking back. Mrs. Amsavalli Ammal was supported by her husband Mr. Gopal Pillai in this wonderful journey.

The Amsavalli Bhavan Restaurant is now managed by Jeeva & Co, a Partnership Firm.


To offer Good, Delicious and High quality non vegetarian food without 

compromising on taste and price.



Management :-

Jeeva & Co (Partnership Firm from 1980):

Current Partners




Oct 13th, 2018 , News Paper Advertisment, both in Dinamalar and Thina Thanthi Madurai Edition.

One and only and the Only one

We Don't have branches

There are numerous articles published in different journals about our Biriyani and other food products. .

Politicians, Celebrities and Tamil cinema legends have all experienced the unique flavour of Amsavalli Biriyani. The Great Leader Periyar E. V. Ramasamy AVL who on visiting Madurai would always stop at Amsavalli Biriyani Restaurant without fail.

Amsavalli Biriyani has been delighting people of all class for the last half decade.Amsavalli Biriyani from Madurai, is now famous world wide.


Registration Details


What to expect When


Breakfast (9 AM to 11 AM) 

- (Service available only in NON A/C Dining hall)

Lunch (11 AM to 4 PM) 

- (Service available in NON A/C and A/C Dining halls)

Evening (4 PM to 7 PM)

- (Service available only in NON A/C Dining hall)

Dinner (7 PM to 10 PM)

- (Service available in NON A/C and A/C Dining halls)

Break fast (9 AM to 11 AM)


Onion curry





Timing dishes - First come first Served


Chicken soup (12PM)

Chicken Sillarai (2PM and 7PM)

Items available from 11 AM to 10 PM (based on availability)



Mutton Sukka

Mutton masala

Chicken Chops

Chicken 65

Madura Chicken

Ginger Chicken 

Boneless Chicken

Chilli Chicken 

Garlic Chicken 

Butter Chicken 

Pepper Chicken 

Chicken Onion Roast

Chettinadu Chicken

Boiled Egg

Egg Porial


Half boil


Special Parotta

Veechu Parotta

Egg Parotta

Holiday Information:

Diwali - 2 days

Pongal - 3 days



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Amsavalli Bhavan Restaurant

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